TS Top 15: Family Guy Characters #4
Glenn Quagmire
If I had to guess, this guy is probably the most famous sex addict in the world (well, maybe Bill Clinton…burn) I like his random nonsensical stuff. “giggity giggity goo! Allll riiight” He hates Brian. A lot. And when that comes up in the show it can make for some really interesting scenes. Awkward and embarrassing for Brian, funny for the audience. But I must admit, the reasons that Quagmire has for hating Brian aren’t too far-fetched. They actually kinda make sense. But yeah, this guy’s fun to watch. Any episode that has Quagmire at the centre is instantly a classic, for example when he met his father for the first time shortly before he underwent a sex change. It could only happen to Quagmire!



"From the very beginning I had a desire to copy other people’s work"

He’s perfect and hilarious and sexy. I don’t know why people think he’s sexist. If you look at his female characters they’re all pretty strong. Peter is an idiot and Lois is the one that keeps everything together. This crush is getting out of control. Please tell me I’m not alone.