TS Top 15: Family Guy Characters #4
Glenn Quagmire
If I had to guess, this guy is probably the most famous sex addict in the world (well, maybe Bill Clinton…burn) I like his random nonsensical stuff. “giggity giggity goo! Allll riiight” He hates Brian. A lot. And when that comes up in the show it can make for some really interesting scenes. Awkward and embarrassing for Brian, funny for the audience. But I must admit, the reasons that Quagmire has for hating Brian aren’t too far-fetched. They actually kinda make sense. But yeah, this guy’s fun to watch. Any episode that has Quagmire at the centre is instantly a classic, for example when he met his father for the first time shortly before he underwent a sex change. It could only happen to Quagmire!